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Submitting Your Work

Respect Your Mother features work that focuses on allyship for women and the environment written by both emerging and published writers of any ethnicity, belief system, or gender. No matter the identity, we surface storytelling and artwork that emphasizes or educates readers on the female experience. All perspectives are shared, and submission topics encouraged include motherhood, current events affecting women, workplace or societal affairs, and ecofeminism, also described as the connection between the earth and woman. 


  • Multiple art forms are accepted, including creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry, comics, journalism, podcasts, videos, and visual art.

  • We believe that the standard writing and formatting rules followed throughout one’s educational path are meant to be broken

  • We invite out-of-the-box writing between 250-2,000 words.

  • Digital and hand art is to be used within the magazine and may also inspire the edition’s cover page and theme, making our artists the real creators of Respect Your Mother! 

  • A submission is publication-worthy if the piece is unique and incorporates a message that promotes connection, commonalities, and conversation that readers and writers across the world can relate to.

  • Our writers are invited to submit an unlimited number of pieces.

Submit Here!

Submit finished work to with the subject "Respect Your Mother Submission," or simply connect with us to see if your work in progress would be a good fit for the publication. 

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