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What is Respect Your Mother Magazine?

Respect Your Mother Magazine features stories and artwork that promote respect and allyship for women and the earth by uncovering today's issues and their actionable solutions. 


Through a wide array of topics ranging from motherhood, sustainability, ecofeminism, community issues, single parenthood, and education, readers will see how women and nature go hand-in-hand, and often face similar struggles. This philosophy is known as ecofeminism and it’s the focus of the magazine. 

  • What is ecofeminism?
    Ecofeminism is branch of feminism that examines the connections between women and nature. It is also the theme of Respect Your Mother Magazine.
  • How did Respect Your Mother start?
    This publication is inspired by a project that started in the Fall of 2020 while Editor in Chief, Jeana Prudhomme was pregnant for the first time while in graduate school. With existing passions for environmental journalism, she became more interested in research on motherhood and feminism, especially with health concerns during the pandemic.
  • What kind of work do we feature?
    We are seeking all art forms from creative nonfiction, short stories, journalism, poetry, artwork and videos that represent allyship for women and the environment. We accept work from both emerging and published writers/artists of any ethnicity, belief system, or gender.
  • Do you charge for submissions?
    In an effort to give visibility to all applicable stories, artwork or podcasts, we do not charge for submissions.
  • How do I advertise in Respect Your Mother?
    If your service or product aligns with sustainability and/or feminism, you can exchange or buy ad space by using the submission form.
  • Do you have a newsletter that I can subscribe to?
    Respect Your Mother is a relatively new publication. As we continue to curate and promote more content, a newsletter will be available soon!

Meet the Editor

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Jeana Prudhomme is a Communications professional, as well as the Founder and Editor of Respect Your Mother Magazine. She received B.A in Communications from Alverno College in 2017, and a M.A in New Media and Professional Writing in the Spring of 2022. After years of focusing on solutions journalism and non-fiction writing related to feminism and sustainability, she has created art from her passions in the form of this ecofeminist magazine.  

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